ZAGU FRANCHISE FEE: Range Of Cost For Zagu Franchise Business


Estimated Range of Fee / Cost for Zagu Franchise Business

ZAGU FRANCHISE FEE – Here is the estimated range of the fee or cost for franchising a Zagu business.

A lot of people now are into business ventures. Many wanted to start a business in the hope of growing it and making it a stable source of income. Undeniably, one essential business is food business.

You may put up your own food business or you can also go for franchising a business. There are several popular franchise businesses in the Philippines including Zagu.

A lot of people like Zagu shakes. It is perfect most especially for the fast-approaching summer season. Usually, stalls and kiosk of this shake business are found in shopping malls and other public areas.

Zagu Franchise Fee

Based on the official website of Zagu, the company behind the cold beverage business accepts application from aspiring dealers. You may apply and pay for the package once approved.

According to Zagu, the package includes the permit to use the logo and trademark of their company, assistance on site selection, marketing and advertising support, and proprietary recipes and ingredients.

For Zagu franchise, there is no franchise fee and royalty fee set but a package dealership instead. Pinoy Moneytalk has given a range of the possible cost of Zagu Franchise business.

Based on the article, it might range from Php 450,000.00 to Php 600,000.00 depending on the type of store you want. You may go for an indoor store or an outdoor one.

Indoor Stores

  1. Stall
  2. Kiosk
  3. Standard Cart

Outdoor Stores

  1. Roadside Stall
  2. Roadside Kiosk

Based on the article, currently, there are more than 450 Zagu stores nationwide. Are you up to join the community of Zagu franchise business dealers?

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