5 Small Businesses You Can Start At Home Without Costing Much

5 Small Businesses You Can Start At Home

Small Businesses – Successful people often started from small businesses. Most of them got bankrupt, failed, and discouraged. But with perseverance, they still succeed.

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People often are discouraged to start a small business as they are having problems with the capital or investment. But, did you know that there are businesses that can be started without so much capital? Most of the time, what you’ll be needing are already present at home.

YouTuber Roberto Blake has tackled 5 small businesses one can start at home.


  1. Consultancy

What you’ll need: A smartphone, computer, webcam, headset, and microphone for video chat

According to Blake, your consultancy business will depend on your skills and expertise. Like him for example, he provides consultation services in video productions, marketing, brand development, and other related skills. Now, know your skills and expertise because this might be your big step towards success.


  1. Creative services profession (e.g. photography, graphic design, video production)

What you’ll need: A smartphone, computer, camera

If you have creative skills such as photo-editing, video-editing, photography and the like, this home business might be fitting you. Imagine doing your passion plus earning a decent amount, this is just a perfect combo to start!


  1. Tech-support based business (e.g. programming, customer service, help desk services, user testing, bug testing)

What you’ll need: A smartphone, computer, webcam, headset, and microphone for video chats

Just like in call centers, this small business would require helping other people with their work. If you’re good at helping others, this business if for you.


  1. Online writing and copyrighting

Creating content for magazines, for online publications, advertising works, editorial work, proofreading,

What you’ll need: A Smartphone and computer

If you love writing, good in grammar, and composition, this business is for you. There are so many possibilities in this kind of business as websites online are mostly text-based.


  1. E-Commerce-based business

Selling products online, affiliate marketing ( selling other people’s products), etc.

What you’ll need:

A Smartphone and computer

The Internet and the social media is really a huge market wherein everyone online could be your customer. With the help of an e-commerce blog or website and the power of social media, selling a certain product would be really easy.

This business is not very expensive to start and sometimes, they are free. Would be a very good business to start as it requires a minimal investment with a very high potential business profit margins.

Now, try to assess yourself and look to the possibilities of starting one.

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