7-ELEVEN FRANCHISE – How Much You Will Need For Total Investment Cost

Guide on the Estimated Total Investment Cost for 7-Eleven Franchise

7-ELEVEN FRANCHISE – Here is a guide on how much you will need to prepare for the estimated total investment cost in franchising 7-Eleven.

Nowadays, one of the prominent convenience stores in the Philippines now is 7-Eleven. Visibly, there was a rapid increase in the number of its stores in the country and it has even reached far-flung municipalities in PH.

The rapid increase in the number of 7-Eleven stores in the Philippines may have something to do with its franchising offers to the public. This convenience store is open for some business deals.

Based on the official website of 7-Eleven, here are the qualifications in franchising one of its convenience store. The franchisee must be:

  • able to meet the fund investment requirement
  • willing to undergo four(4) to eight(8) weeks of training
  • willing to spend time to oversee the day-to-day operations of a store
  • willing to work within the guidance of the franchisor
  • able to manage people and monitor the store’s finances
  • preferably bearing an experience in the field of retail or anything related to management and customer service
7-Eleven Franchise

With regards to the total investment cost, Franchise Business Philippines has posted an estimate cost for the 7-Eleven franchise. Based on the article, you would need to prepare at least Php 1 million and it could reach up to Php 5-million.

7-Eleven Franchise’s Estimated Total Investment Cost – Php 1-5 Million

Based on the article, the rough estimate already includes the franchise fee in franchising a convenience store. The franchisee is also required to prepare a space which has a lot area of around 120 square meters. The manpower and their salaries are under the responsibility of the franchisee.

In franchising 7-Eleven, here are the steps based on the official website of the convenience store:

  1. Initial Contact Including Inquiry & Franchise Briefing
  2. Pre-Qualification Including Site Evaluation
  3. Business Plan Preparation
  4. Approval Committee Interview
  5. Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement
  6. Training (1 Month)
  7. Store Opening & Turn Over

Should you wish to contact 7-Eleven, here are the details:

The Franchise Manager
Philippine Seven Corporation
7th Floor, Columbia Tower,
Ortigas Ave., near corner EDSA,
Mandaluyong City
Hotline: +63 (02)726-9968
Fax : +63 (02)705-5229
Mobile : +63 (920)950-8651; +63 (917)871-1686
email: [email protected]

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