Krispy Kreme Franchise – How To Apply For Krispy Kreme Franchise

Guide on How To Apply for Krispy Kreme Franchise

KRISPY KREME FRANCHISE – Here is a guide on how to apply for the franchising of Krispy Kreme dougnut store in the Philippines.

Have you noticed that most Filipino are fond of eating doughnut while drinking coffee? Pinoys are really doughnut lovers that is why most doughnut stores in the country really took a progressive route.

Undeniably, one of the doughnut stores that is very popular in PH and has hooked a lot of avid customers is Krispy Kreme. Are you also one of the people who are fond of its delicious doughnuts that come with different flavors?

The Krispy Kreme also has other offers like the different flavors of coffee and frappe. The stores are a perfect place for relaxation and some snacks.

Krispy Kreme Franchise

With regards to the Krispy Kreme franchise, the Max’s Group Inc. has set an organized procedure in applying for it. Here are the steps:

  • Submit a letter of intent. From the official website of MGI, you can download the template of the letter of intent. It may ask information about your proposed site location, area development plan, and map.
  • Accomplish the application form. You can obtain the application form upon the submission and evaluation of your letter of intent.
  • Undergo the interview. A meeting will be set for the review of your application and the evaluation of your qualifications for Krispy Kreme franchise.
  • Approval. An approved interview will be followed by the approval of your franchise application including the site.
  • Receiving of the franchise. You will be awarded with the franchise after the approval of your application.

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