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Cyberbullying: Tips on How to Protect Yourself From Bullies on Your Social Life

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Are you aware of cyberbullying? Then you must protect yourself!

Cyberbullying is an act of bullying through the use of different social media platforms. How can you protect yourself from being a victim?

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This includes public shaming, posting memes using your pictures, or worst — hacking your account just to post negative activities that can harm your personality. Here’s how you can avoid it.

Ignore the bully

Don’t let bullies annoy you. Just ignore their post or you can block them so that no one will bully you on the next day.

Save evidence

In today’s generation, screenshots and archived photos (or videos) are the most powerful evidence that will be used in order to accuse the bully. Just present it to your parents, to your teacher, or to the authorities.

Reach out

If someone bullied you online, let your close friends or your parents know.

Think about your post

Before you post something, think first. Think of what kind of audience you have on your contacts, what’s inside your content, or what could be their reactions once you posted it. If something’s not right, then someone will bully you because of your content.

Keep your identity safe

Once your account became popular, someone with an evil mind will either try to hack your account and post something malicious or using your name and photos just to intrude your friends or relatives. In that case, it may result in identity theft. Identity theft, according to USAGov, “happens when someone steals your personal information to commit fraud.” Keep your identity safe from malicious people who will try to ruin your reputation. Monitor your accounts every day.

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