DIGITAL MARKETING: Business Trend for Modern World

Digital Marketing is easy and effective! Just give it a try!

Business strategies change through time as technology arises. We must think of strategies on how we market our product – one of which is DIGITAL MARKETING.

Digital Marketing
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Digital Marketing involves promoting your own product in different digital platforms – could be on social media or on a buy-and-sell page. There are several ways on how to promote your product online. Here are some:


Chatbots are AI-generated messaging app that can accommodate customers automatically – like personal assistance, customer support, ordering food delivery, and many others. Example of Chatbot is Messenger.


According to Jen Murray, personalized marketing is defined as the implementation of a strategy wherein companies deliver personalized content to recipients. The advantages of using this strategy are that it improves customers experience, drives revenue, increases and brand loyalty. Examples of which are product recommendations and Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO).

Video Marketing

This strategy is very effective nowadays. Through this strategy, you can use videos to promote your brand, you can reach your customers worldwide with this tool, and you can increase engagements on your social platforms. Video Marketing includes demo videos, brand videos, event videos, educational videos, animated videos, live videos, and many more.

Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel Marketing is a digital marketing strategy that uses multiple cross-channeling of products. According to Aaron Aguis, it creates an integrated and cohesive customer experience anytime anywhere. Customers can shop through their computers or on their mobile phones. Examples of omnichannel companies are Disney and Starbucks.

You can use any of these trends in promoting your product. Your main task is to satisfy your customers with your offers.

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