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DREAMS MEANING – 7 Common Dream Scenarios & What They Mean

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7 Common Dreams’ Meaning You May Be Looking For

DREAMS MEANING – Here is a list of seven(7) common scenarios in dreams and what they allegedly mean.

Most of the time, when we have a deep sleep, we really have vivid dreams and there are those that we cannot take out of our minds even after we woke up. We wanted to know what they mean most especially for weird and mysterious dreams.

Are you also one of those who have repeated dreams that you wanted to know what it means?

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Based on an article on Smart Shopping, here is a list of seven(7) common scenarios in our minds when we are sleeping and these dreams’ meaning:


1. Running

Have you dreamed that you were falling? According to the article, dream psychologist Ian Wallace believe that it is a sign of encouragement for the person to face a problem. It is more common in women than in men.

2. Meeting a famous personality

According to Wallace, dreaming that you met a celebrity may reveal the talent the dreamer really values. It is the same with the talent of the famous personality in his or her dream.

3. Taking a test

For writer Lauri Lawrence, dreaming that you are taking a test may be a reminder to “stay alert”. It is associated with the stress that is brought by an adult’s work.

4. Teeth falling out

Wallace has associated teeth with confidence and power. According to the dream psychologist, dreaming that one of your teeth has fall out may mean you lost confidence in yourself due to something that happened in your life.

5. Falling

Based on the article, Loewenberg tags this dream as a “red flag” from the subconscious. According to the writer, it is more common on people who have problems with work, relationships, etc.

6. Coming late

Wallace associated a dream of coming late to doing too much. For Grant, it is a warning not to make promises that the dreamer can’t kept.

7. Dying

According to Lawrence, dreaming that you are dying may mean that you want to take something out from your life. May it be a career, a relationship, or something from the past.

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