Heir of Forbes Billionaire in Malaysia Chose to Be a Buddhist Monk

Here’s why the son of a Forbes billionaire in Malaysia chose to become a monk

AJAHN SIRIPANYO – The heir of a Forbes billionaire in Malaysia chose to become a Buddhist monk.

Buddhist monk
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Siripanyo, a Thai-Malaysian, is the son of Ananda Krishnan, 84, the fourth richest man in Malaysia.

Krishnan is in the fourth spot of the 2022 Forbes billionaires club in Malaysia and he has a net worth of $5.7 billion.

The Malaysian tycoon is into oilfield services provider and telecommunications company.

But despite his family’s wealth, Siripanyo chose a quieter and simpler life.

Siripanyo lives in a secluded monastery as a Buddhist monk.

Siripanyo is the only male among his three other siblings. They all grew up and studied in London, United Kingdom.

It is believed that Siripanyo also has royal blood because of his mother who comes from the Thai royal family.

Although he grew up in London, Siripanyo is said to be exposed to different cultures so he has knowledge of eight languages ​​and has an inclination to Buddhism.

Siripanyo did not intend to become a Buddhist monk at first.

In a video, Siripanyo mentioned how his life changed when he temporarily attended a seminary.

In 1989, he went to Thailand to pay tribute to the origins of his Thai mother

But it became a life-changing episode in his life when he decided to live in a monastery and forget the outside world.

After more than 20 years, Siripanyo is now a forest monk and appointed abbot in a monastery located on the Thai-Burmese border.

Although he left the luxurious life and changed to become a monk, Siripanyo still occasionally experienced the luxurious life of his family.

He was once seen flying on a private jet to meet his father in Italy.

On one occasion, he also attended a retreat in Penang Hill, which his father himself bought for him.

On YouTube, Siripanyo posts podcasts and videos wherein he can be seen speaking English and other languages.

He also shares teachings about Buddhism while wearing a kasaya, a traditional monk robe.

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