Oppa For Rent To Accompany Your Travels In South Korea


Do you want to experience having an oppa to accompany your travels in South Korea?

Those who dream to have a wonderful travel in South Korea can now have an added “kilig” feature on their itinerary.

As Korean culture has already affected Filipinos in so many ways, from music to fashion to language, Pinoy travelers to SK can now experience having an “oppa”.

South Korea oppa for rent

Through Korean dramas which had also gained remarkable popularity in the Philippines, many fans, especially women are dreaming of having to meet their oppa one day.

That dream can now have a fulfillment even just for a few hours as online travel platform “Oh My Oppa” lets you choose men who will accompany you in your travel in South Korea, based on the article published GMA.



A package tour with an oppa-for-rent can cost $60 to $70 or P3,100-P3,600 and this will last for 2 hours and 30 minutes.

One more thing, you can choose an oppa that will fit your personality as you travel around South Korea.

Here are the choices:

  1. If you like games: Arami Oppa 

As he is a mobile broadcaster, he can have you as his special guest on his personal media broadcast. He will take you on game arcade dates and Hongik University’s famous tourist destinations.

  1. If you’re an animal lover: Sean Oppa 

He is a fashion model and an animal lover. Apart from taking you to a Raccoon Cafe, you can also ask him to take you on a shopping date to choose some stylish Korean outfits.

  1. If you want to learn about Korea’s art and culture: Hue Oppa 

He runs a cafe in Seongbook-dong. Choose him if you want to visit calm and peaceful places and knows a lot about traditional Korean architecture.

  1. If you want to go on a food trip: William Oppa 

Want to try authentic Korean food? Then he is right one for you. He is a certified foodie who likes to walk. He’ll take you to Gwangjang Market and Cheonggyechon to try different Korean dishes.

  1. If you want to experience Gangnam Style: Jake Oppa

He is knowledgeable in what’s in and what’s hot for young Korean couples. From board game cafes,  a gangnam game room or at the Banpo Romantic Moonlight market even, name it and he can be the perfect guy for the job.

  1. If you want to see Lotte World Tower: Sam Oppa

He’ll know which hole in the walls you can stop over for good food which you can experience Coin-karaoke and eat Korean food at the Bangi-dong food street and go atop the 555 meters Sky Lounge at Lotte World.

  1. If you want to hear stories about Gyeongbokgung Palace: Ryan Oppa

This Oppa who studied architecture in Korea is well-versed If you want to hear a little bit of history about Korea’s Gyeongbokgung Palace. He will explore Insadong and Gyeongbokgung with you while you’re in your Hanbok, based on the article.


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