Pinay Celebrities Who Have Tattoos, These Are Their Stories

These Pinay celebrities had tattoos on their body and the stories about them are now revealed.

Here are some of the Pinay celebrities who did not mind the pain to acquire the tattoos they want.

Angel Locsin

Pinay celebrities with tattoos
(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

The tattoo on her wrist was written in Hebrew. In English it means “always have and always will”. She also had ink at the bottom of her spine which was written in Chinese. She already showed it in a local magazine but the meaning of it was not revealed.

Angelica Panganiban

(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

Angelica’s acquired her first tattoo back in 2010. It was on the left side of her torso. The Spanish phrase “para usted y’ mi” means “for you and me”.

In 2017, she had three tattoos to celebrate her 31st birthday; letter “a” on the left wrist which stands for her name, on the left was a flower she called ‘lily of the valley, and on her right ankle her birth date “11.4.86″ was written.

Anne Curtis

(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

Anne commemorated her visit to South Korea last November through a minimalist tattoo which she tagged as “cross lettering”.

During her recent visit to the said country for the promotion of ‘Buy Bust’, the actress had another two which she initially kept what it was but the tattoo artist posted on Instagram and it was a pink heart on her wrist.

Arci Munoz

(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

She has a small crescent moon in watercolor finish on her left hand and three pink cherry blossoms complemented by green leaves are spotted on her right.

When her band Philia celebrated 10th anniversary, all the members inked themselves with their band’s logo.

Cristine Reyes

(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

In 2010, Cristine had huge tattoos on her arms which she got from Hollywood, California. On her right arm is an image of a crucifix attached to a rosary. Another crucifix but affixed with hearts is on her left arm.

Her tattoos mean her faith and fondness for cross necklaces.

Coleen Garcia

(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

On her back was a tattoo of an anchor attached with heart, butterfly, and infinity sign. She personally designed it. The anchor stands for strength, the heart is for her loved ones while the butterfly depicts her grandmother who raised her.

The infinity symbol stands for her believe that everything she has will be there always and forever.

(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

Mariel Rodriguez

Mariel is one of the Pinay celebrities with tattoos. She was 18 when she got her it. She was still in college back then and had it just for fun.

(Photo source: ABS-CBN)

Nadine Lustre

A rose was inked on her left inner wrist while on the right was a crescent moon. The rose is her favorite flower and symbolizes her self-love while the moon was inspired from Coldplay’s ‘Everglow’.

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