Splendid Philippine Wonders That Can You Make Your Eyes Sparkle With The Breath-Taking Views

The country is blessed with several splendid Philippine wonders that will always be its pride.

SPLENDID PHILIPPINE – In the Philippines, there are several tourist destinations that will make you drop your jaw in awe of its beauty.

Traveling around the Philippines is an adventure that will expose a person to the different breath-taking views that the country has been blessed with. From the cities up to the mountain-top, one can surely find tourist destinations.

In one recent travel report, there are beautiful destinations that await for every travel junkie this 2016. These places are found in Surigao del Sur, Quirino, Capiz, and Leyte.

Splendid philippine
BLUE LAGOON Photo lifted from Paula The Explorer Blog Site

Usually, Surigao del Norte catches the attention when it comes to travel. The good thing is that the report entails the wonder in Surigao del Sur – the Blue Lagoon in Cantilan. Aside from it, there are also white sand beaches in the place.

Splendid philippine
Photo lifted from Paula The Explorer Blog Site

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