BEACH RESORTS PHILIPPINES: 5 Summer-Perfect Beach Resorts in PH


BEACH RESORTS PHILIPPINES: List of 5 Summer-Perfect Beach Resorts You Should Not Miss To Visit

BEACH RESORTS PHILIPPINES – Here is a list of five(5) PH beach resorts you will surely like to visit this summer season.

In the Philippines, the best time to visit beach resorts is starting March until the month of May because of the weather condition that’s really perfect for a beach side vacation.

Usually, a lot of families and group of friends are going on a summer vacation and reunions are happening everywhere as it is also the time when the students have no classes.

Are you also planning to spend some quality time with your loved ones this summer season? You may visit these five(5) summer-perfect beach resorts that will surely captivate you:


1. Budyong Beach Resort, Cebu

Are you into a white-sand beach resort that is so clean and serene? This Cebu beach resort is perfect for you. You will surely love the relaxing atmosphere here plus the spectacular sunrise and sunset viewing by the beachside.

Beach Resorts Philippines
Beach Resorts Philippines

2. Blue Coral Beach Resort, Batangas

Batangas is undeniably one of the places in the Philippines with a lot of beautiful spots to offer. One of them is the Blue Coral Beach Resort that is a soothing hideaway offering a pool overlooking the beach.

You and your loved ones will surely enjoy your time together at this summer destination with its excellent facilities like the restaurant and the garden spots.

Beach Resorts Philippines
Beach Resorts Philippines

3. La Parola Orchids Beach Resort, Antique

Are you looking for a place that can offer both a hotel-like experience and the relaxing vibe of nature? The La Parola Orchids Beach Resort is perfect for you.

This beach resort in Antique is located near the beach but it also offers excellent pool experiences. Its relaxing vibe most especially at night will surely give you a wonderful time away from what you usually do.

Beach Resorts Philippines
Beach Resorts Philippines


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