JAPAN: Lists Of Do’s and Don’ts You Must Consider In Visiting Japan


You and Your Loved Ones Must Consider these Do’s and Don’ts in Japan

JAPAN – Here are the lists of the do’s and don’ts in visiting this beautiful East Asian country.

One of the most beautiful countries in the world is Japan. This East Asian country lies off the Eastern coast of the Asian continent in the Pacific Ocean.

This country is widely known for its cherry blossoms. A lot of people really save for a trip to the Asian country to witness the cherry blossoms which may observe different blooming schedule every year.

But, just like in other countries, there are sets of the do’s and don’ts in visiting Japan. These things should observed as the country lives on a different culture.

Photo Credit: Tsunagu Japan

Based on an article on Guidebook, here are the lists of some of the do’s and don’ts in visiting Japan.


  • Do bow when another person bow to you.
  • Do put your palms together before eating and say “Itadakimasu” (Thank you for the meal I am about to receive” before eating.
  • Do add you soy sauce on a little soy sauce dish and it is where you should deep your sushi.
  • Do use chopsticks in eating.
  • Do add drinks on the glasses of everyone.
  • Do use the toilet slippers when entering the bathroom of another person’s house.
  • Do proceed to the shower area and wash yourself with soap and water before getting into the bathroom.
  • Do wear black clothes in going to a burial.


  • Don’t come up from bowing until another person who bowed to you does.
  • Don’t burp when you are at the table – it is a rude behavior in Japan.
  • Don’t add soy sauce directly on sushi or sashimi.
  • Don’t move the chopsticks around while talking to another person.
  • Don’t start drinking until everyone’s glass is filled.
  • Do not go to the bathroom unless you have removed all soap from your body in the shower area.
  • Don’t give tip as it is an insulting behavior in Japan.
  • Don’t be the one to open and close the door of the taxi.

Data: Guidebook


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