SUMMER TIPS: 6 Important Things To Bring In Going For Summer Trip


List of 6 Summer Tips on What To Bring With You

SUMMER TIPS – Here is a list of the six(6) things that you have to bring with you in going for a summer trip.

It is now summer season in the Philippines – the season that is perfect for travels. Most Filipinos are surely planning to go out with family and friends to a beach or a hotel resort.

Summer is the perfect time to bond with families and friends as the kids have no classes and the rainy weather seldom happens. Are you also one of those who are going on a trip?

Summer Tips
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In going for a trip this heat season, here is a list of the six(6) summer tips on the things that you should bring with you:

1. Medicine

It is important to bring with you medicines as headache, stomach ache, acidity, and other sickness may arise during your travel. It is best that you have something to turn-to right away.

2. Flashlight

Whether you are going on a mountain or a beach, bringing flashlight is needed. Electricity interruptions may happen everywhere anytime and you may also have no idea if there are street lights on a place you are going to.

3. Mosquito / Insect-Repellant Lotion

Protect yourself from mosquito and insect bites with a lotion. Bring at least a small pack to be ready in case the place is prone to mosquito breeding.

4. Clean Water

You may survive from food starvation but not from dehydration if prolonged. Bringing water is one of the most important tips as you will need to replenish most especially if you will be walking under the mid-day sun.

5. Jacket

Although it is summer season, bringing of jacket is also a must. It won’t only protect you from the possible rain but as well as from the heat of the sun in transferring from places to places.

6. Extra Money

The bringing of an extra money is also a must most especially if you are coming to a place you are not familiar with. The cost of living there might be high so it is best to be prepared on going over the anticipated spending.

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