TRAVEL VISA – List of 9 Countries Where It Is Hardest To Get Visa


Guide on Countries Where It Is Hard To Obtain A Travel Visa

TRAVEL VISA – Here is a list of nine(9) countries where it is really hard to get a visa for entry or vacation.

Nowadays, there are already a lot of visa-free countries thus it is easier to make international travels happen. You don’t anymore have to go through a lot of process and comply with a lot of requirements for a visa.

However, with regards to some countries which may be dream destinations of a lot of people, they continue to require visa for tourist entry. Most implement the said policy for security reasons.

Amid the many countries still requiring a travel visa for entry, there are these nine(9) nations where it is really hardest to get a visa.

Travel Visa
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Based on an article on Tourradar, these nine(9) countries where it is hardest to get a travel visa got different reasons in making the process strict.

Here is the list of the nine(9) countries and an overview of the reason why it is hard to obtain a visa from them:

  1. North Korea – There are strict rules in getting to North Korea. Based on the article, the way which has the most possibility of success is traveling from China.
  2. China – Applying for a visa to China requires personal appearance or appointment. The process is also long.
  3. Russia – Like China, there is a also a very long process in obtaining a travel visa to Russia. There are also biometrics taken.
  4. Bhutan – It is expensive to travel to Bhutan and the process is not easy. It is best to travel through a booked package according to the article.
  5. Pakistan – To get a visa for Pakistan travel, you must have a sponsor. It can be a traveler who has already visited the country or a tour company.
  6. Nigeria – What makes Nigeria visa application unique is that there is a need for a letter of invitation. You must also present proofs of hotel accommodation, return ticket, funds, and legal residency.
  7. Turkmenistan – Turkmenistan also requires a letter of invitation in applying for a visa.
  8. Iran – To apply for a visa to Iran, you must obtain a visa code from a tour operator based on the article. It is only valid for one month so the processing should be done fast to obtain a visa.
  9. Saudi Arabia – There are a lot of requirements in getting a visa to Saudi Arabia. For example, a woman who is traveling solo will need a sponsor and married couples should have a marriage certificate.

Information from Tour Radar

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