5 Countries w/ Low Cost of Living – You’ll Definitely Spend Little In These Places


Visit these 5 Countries w/ Low Cost of Living & Spend Very Little While Enjoying to the Fullest

COUNTRIES – Here is a list of the five(5) places across the globe that have a low cost of living many would surely like.

Now that there are a lot of visa-free countries across the globe, more and more people are hoping of making international trips with their loved ones.

However, undeniably, one of the things that you should really prepare in flying abroad are your pockets. You may need a huge amount of money to get to the foreign places you wanted to see.

You will spend in the processing of your passport, in the purchase of your travel tickets, in other fees implemented by the airport, in your hotel accommodation, and in your total stay abroad.

Meanwhile, although you may need a pretty big amount, there are places that can cost you less in terms of your accommodation and stay.

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Based on an article on Go Abroad, there are some countries with a low cost of living. Thus, products sold in the place including food and as well as the means of transportation are pocket-friendly.

Here is a list of the five(5) countries with a low cost of living:

1. Vietnam

Based on the article, in Vietnam, you can already rent a small apartment for around $250 and the eating expenses will only range between $1 to $3 per meal. Also, with just $0.50, you may tour the place riding a taxi already.

2. Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, rent runs between $300 to $800 monthly while the transportation fees may start at $0.70 per trip. With regards to eating in a local restaurant, you may spend between $3 to $6 per meal.

3. Bulgaria

In visiting Bulgaria, you may rent and stay in a one-bedroom apartment. It may cost you around $230 per month. The public transportation in the place starts at $1 while with $5, you may have a delicious meal in a restaurant already.

4. Mexico

Also one of the countries with a low cost of living is Mexico. Based on the article, the street food begins from $1 per meal while the local transportation begins at $16. For a one-bedroom apartment, you may prepare between $200 – $500 per month.

5. South Africa

In South Africa, you may enjoy a drink at $1.70 only and a meal at $8. With regards to an accommodation should you plan to stay for a month or two, you may rent a one-bedroom apartment for around $350-$500 monthly.


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