Mocha Uson’s Wikipedia Page Locked Due To Vandalism On Fake News And Misleading Information Section

Mocha Uson’s Wikipedia page locked due to “persistent vandalism”

The Wikipedia page of Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Assistant Secretary was locked due to “persistent vandalism”.

It can no longer be edited anymore by any user after it has been modified for 47 times within six hours last April 11.

Based on the article published in CNN Philippines, the “Fake News and Misleading Information” section of her page is one of portions that had been modified.

Wikipedia page of Mocha Uson locked
(CNN Philippines)

This is the portion in which the users listed the instances of her alleged fake news peddling.

Last Wednesday, at 5:19 pm, the said entire section was already deleted.

The user who removed it, who was unidentified, explained that, “(I) deleted fabricated information and petty complaints like the use of stock photo of a Honduras soldier.”

On the other hand, some authenticated users uploaded the section again on Wikipedia.

Following that were several attempts to delete the section from the edit log. That time it includes a comment from a still unidentified user which said, “she is a blogger and she tells her own opinion on politics and other stuff.”

At 8:49 pm that day, she edit war stopped when an authenticated user of Wikipedia imposed a “semi-protection lock” on Uson’s page.

(CNN Philippines)

“This level of protection is useful when there is a significant amount of disruption or vandalism from new or unregistered users, or to prevent sock puppets of blocked or banned users from editing, especially when it occurs on biographies of living persons who have had a recent high level of media interest,” the free encyclopedia site explained.

Through her blog, the PCOO Asec has been expressing her thoughts regarding certain issues in the country and due to this she is being accused of peddling fake news on social media.

It was also mentioned in the article that Uson is faced with administrative complaints regarding her alleged spreading of misleading information.

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