Abandoned Lifeless Baby Found At Drainage Canal In Cavite


A lifeless baby was left at a drainage canal and this caused the rage of several netizens

An abandoned lifeless baby was found at a drainage canal in Bacoor, Cavite.

Photos showing the heart-wrenching sight of an infant floating on the filthy water touched the emotions of several netizens.

On the Facebook Page of Pilipino Star Ngayon, the said pictures was posted that came from netizen Rhea Sandoval.

Lifeless Baby
(Photo source: Rhea Sandoval via PSN Facebook Page)

It can be seen in the photos that the lifeless baby was floating upside down. The poor little child was found dead without clothes.

With this several netizens expressed their rage to the person who did that heartless act to the innocent baby.

Netizens all over the country who saw the recent post on the official FB Page of the newspaper reacted with outburst.

Facebook user ‘Beb Eirol’ said that the one who abandoned the lifeless baby is definitely definitely a heartless person.

(Photo source: Rhea Sandoval via PSN Facebook Page)

Furthermore, Facebook user ‘Jennylyn Quijada Ariola’ cursed whoever did that crime.

Facebook user ‘Tho Yo Ant’ said that dead animals or pets that are buried at the backyards had a better fate than the abandoned child.

Several other netizens pointed out that the person or persons that should be blamed to what happened to the poor baby are the parents.

(Photo source: Rhea Sandoval via PSN Facebook Page)

There are also a lot of Facebook netizens who are cursing whoever the culprit is for doing that unimaginable crime to an innocent baby.

Some other netizens wished that the lifeless baby will rest in peace while there are those who said that karma will definitely make the culprit pay.

This is not the first time that this kind of case is being posted on social media but every time that an innocent child is being involved, the rage of the netizens is expected to outburst.

For many people, a child is a blessing while some could not see their value, just like the person who is behind the abandoned lifeless baby in Cavite.

(Source: PSN FB Page)


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