Ateneo Dismisses Joaquin Montes In Bullying Incident


Ateneo De Manila University has already decided- dismissing the ‘bully’ student in the bullying incident that surfaced online which has annoyed netizens including parents, and has triggered discussions on how school authorities and parents should deal with and prevent bullying incidents.

Ateneo de Manila University president Fr Jose Ramon “Jett” Villarin announced and posted on Ateneo de Manila University’s Twitter and Facebook on Sunday, December 23 saying that “after a thorough investigation that included listening to all parties involved, the decision of the administration is to impose the penalty of DISMISSAL of Joaquin Montes who was caught bullying another student in the comfort room of the school.”

“This means that he is no longer allowed to come back to the the Ateneo. I have spoken to the parents of both students about this decision and we have offered the families continued support to help them overcome this difficult time,” Villarin said in a university memorandum released Sunday.

He also announced the creation of a task force to “conduct a comprehensive study” of how Ateneo’s anti-bullying policies and processes are implemented and also audit these policies and make recommendations on how to create a bully-free environment.

In the same message, Villarin urged the public not to be part of the cycle of bullying. After videos of the bullying incident went viral, netizens have also made threats of violence against the bully student and have spread his name, even his personal information and address, despite him being a minor.

The school official also acknowledged that the incident “inflicted widespread and profound pain” in the whole Ateneo community, but urged them to “stop fighting one another.”

“We can begin by refusing to add fuel to the fire and helping our children and another heal,” he said.


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