10 High Paying-Degrees You Can Take Online & Schools Offering Them


List of 10 High Paying-Degrees & the Schools That Offer These Courses

HIGH PAYING-DEGREES – Here is a list of ten(10) high salary potential courses that you can take online and the schools that offer them.

When it comes to choosing a course to take in college, there are a lot of considerations. Practical people would surely balance these four – their skills, their passion, the salary potential of the degree, and their financial capacity.

Undeniably, balancing the aforementioned factors is challenging but if you are able to do it, you will surely be enrolled in a course you like, you will finish, and will pay you well in the future.

Do you know that there are actually high salary-degrees that you can take online? There are a lot of international schools that are offering them.

High Paying-Degrees
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Based on an article on Online Schools, here is a list of ten(10) high paying-degrees you can take online and the schools that are offering these courses:

1. Engineering Management – (Median Salary: $166,410)

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager – (Median Salary: $166,748)

3. Advertising, Promotions and Marketing Management (Median Salary: $131,180)

4. Human Resources Management (Median Salary: $110,120)

5. Database Administrator (Median Salary: $87,020)


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