PSA BIRTH CERTIFICATE FEE: How Much You Should Prepare Upon Request


Guide on How Much You Should Prepare for PSA Birth Certificate Fee

PSA BIRTH CERTIFICATE FEE – Here is a guide on how much you should prepare upon the request of a birth certificate at the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) office.

Previously, the birth certificate which is one of the valid identification documents everyone has upon request is called NSO birth certificate. That was because it was obtained from the National Statistics Office (NSO).

Currently, the said valid document is already obtained from the Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) office which was created in September 2013 under former President Noynoy Aquino.

The PSA is the merged NSO, Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, National Statistical Coordination Board, and Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics.

Are you planning to request for a birth certificate soon? You must prepare a valid ID and as well as an amount for the PSA Birth Certificate fee upon request.

PSA Birth Certificate Fee

For the PSA Birth Certificate fee, you must prepare at least Php 180.00 which includes the payment for the copy and the processing fee. The said amount applies to request done at a PSA office.

The good thing is that you can get the document you requested within the day. However, be prepared for the long queues as a lot of people request for birth certificates daily.

If you want to request a birth certificate online, you must prepare at least Php 330.00 for a single copy. The said fee includes the charges for the delivery of the document.

We’ll be providing you soon with regards to making PSA birth certificate request online.

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