GSIS Monthly Contribution Rate: How Much You Have To Pay Monthly


Guide on GSIS Monthly Contribution Rate for Members

GSIS MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION RATE – Here is a guide on how much a member should pay monthly for contribution to Government Service Insurance System (GSIS).

One of government-owned corporations in the Philippines is the Government Service Insurance System or more commonly called GSIS. It is an insurance institution that provides benefits to its members.

The members of GSIS are employees and officials of the government and as well as the government agencies. They are entitled to several privileges including the GSIS Emergency Loan.

For a member to be eligible for the benefits of the GSIS, he or she must pay for a monthly contribution. The GSIS monthly contribution rate may vary among members of the social insurance institution.

GSIS Monthly Contribution Rate

With regards to the GSIS monthly contribution rate, according to the state-run corporation, it is 9% of the salary of the member and 12% to be paid by the government agency he or she is working at.

Member – 9% of the monthly salary
Government Agency
– 12% of the monthly salary of the member

According to the institution, the monthly contribution rate is set under the Section 11 of the Revised Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA 8291. It was approved on June 23, 2010 under Board Resolution No. 88.

With regards to the remittance of the contribution, it can be directly paid by the member or through the government agency he or she is working at.

The monthly contribution should be made not later than the first ten(10) days of the month.

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