ELECTRICITY HACKS: 7 Ways To Save Money Over the Electricity Bills


List of 7 Electricity Hacks To Save Money That’s Supposed To Be For the Bills

ELECTRICITY HACKS – Here is a list of the seven(7) ways on how to save money that is supposed to be for the monthly bills at home.

Undeniably, one of the utility bills that can change anytime based on our consumption is the electricity bill. Also, it is one of those bills that usually take a big part of our monthly budget.

This bill is usually high as we use it on a day-to-day basis. The lights, the iron, the rice cooker, the refrigerator, the microwave oven, the television, the air conditioning unit, the fans – they are all used daily and there is a charge everytime they are on.

Are you also one of those who are having a problem with high electricity bills? Maybe it is time for you to consider the ways on how to save it to save money as well.

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Based on an article on NOPEC, here is a list of seven(7) electricity hacks or ways to save money that is supposed to be for the bills:

1. Lower your aircon thermostat at night.

It is a bit cooler outside at night thus it is easier to cool the entire house or room. You may turn down the thermostat of your air conditioning unit but still enjoy the cold until the morning.

2. Unplug unused devices or appliances.

Based on the article, although the device or appliance is not used, it would still affect your bill if it is not unplugged.

3. Schedule a laundry time and wash all clothes.

You can save much money if you have a big washing machine. You can wash all your clothes at one time thus you can also get them all done in just one charge at your bill.

4. Set your refrigerator at the coolest.

If your refrigerator is very cold inside, you can turn it off and the ice will do the job in keeping it cool most especially on the freezer part. You don’t have to keep on turning it on for hours.

5. Use LED lights.

Based on the article, LED lights may appear expensive but they consume less electricity than incandescent lights. The former takes $40 consumption while the latter is at $240.

6. Let your dishes dry naturally.

Using a “heat dry” on electric dishwashers may be a waste of money unless there is really a need to do so like in restaurants. At home, you can just let the dishes dry naturally.

7. Throw in a dry towel when drying your laundry.

When there is really a need to use the dryer, throw a dry towel inside together with your wet laundry. It will soak the water and help the dryer do its job in lesser time.


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