HOLY WEEK 2019: Do’s and Don’ts During the Holy Week 2019


Lists of Do’s and Don’ts for Holy Week 2019

HOLY WEEK 2019 – Here are the lists of the do’s and don’ts during this religious event.

One of the religious events that is widely-observed across the globe is the Holy Week. In the Philippines, a lot of Filipinos take the time to reflect on the essence of the event which is a commemoration of the passion and death of Jesus Christ.

This year, the Holy Week falls on April 15 (Monday) until April 21 (Sunday). April 18 (Holy Thursday) and April 19 (Good Friday) are regular holidays in the country.

A lot of people go home to their hometowns for the Holy Week 2019 while others take the time to spend it in another place – like a beach resort.

Holy Week 2019
Photo: CBCP/Sammy Navaja

As we observe the Holy Week 2019, we should be extra careful on certain things most especially for those who will be leaving their homes. Other people may take the chance while everyone is busy.

Here are the lists of the do’s and don’ts during the Holy Week 2019.


  • Do always check all the outlets before leaving the house.
  • Do make sure all candles were put off before sleeping.
  • Do go to church activities wearing light-colored shirts.
  • Do bring a fan, an umbrella, and a bottle of water when joining processions.
  • Do prepare the food and other necessities before the stores’ will close.
  • Do refrain from playing loud music as respect to the neighborhood who might be observing the lent season.


  • Don’t announce on social media where you and your family are going for the Holy Week.
  • Don’t attend processions if you are not in feeling well.
  • Don’t leave the house without unplugging all the devices and appliances.
  • Don’t come to churches and complain about the crowd.
  • Don’t bring a huge amount of money or a lot of valuables when attending church events like processions.
  • Don’t cause unnecessary noise in the middle of attending a church activity.

With regards to one “Do” which is about preparing the necessities and food before the stores’ will close, here is a list of operating schedule of the shopping malls:

VISIT: SM Malls Releases Operating Hours for Holy Week 2019


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