HOLY WEEK SYMBOLS: 8 Symbols During Holy Week & Their Symbolism


8 Holy Week Symbols & the Symbolism of Each

HOLY WEEK SYMBOLS – Here is a list of the eight(8) symbols during the Lenten season and their symbolism.

One of the religious events that most countries observe is the Holy Week. It is part of the Lenten season which, in the Philippines, annually falls on summer time – the month of April.

For 2019, the Holy Thursday fell on April 18 followed by the Good Friday and Black Saturday on April 19 and April 20 respectively.

Most Filipino families participate to the Lenten activities. The said activities include eight(8) Holy Week symbols which you might like to know the symbolism.

Holy Week Symbols
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Based on an article on H.M. Zoom, here is a list of the eight(8) Holy Week symbols and the symbolism of each of them:

1. Palm

During Palm Sunday, most churchgoers attend mass with dried palm leaves. It is blessed by the priest before, in the middle, or after the mass. It is a symbol of accompanying Jesus on His way to the cross, the death, and the resurrection.

2. Bread and Wine

The bread and wine which are always present in the mass is a symbolism that Jesus is present in the sacrament.

3. Oil and Chrism

Based on the article, it is on Holy Thursday that the priest blesses the oils and chrism. These symbols mean all sacraments are from the Risen Christ.

4. Washing of the Apostle’s Feet

One of the activities in the church is the washing of the apostle’s feet. This is one of the Holy Week symbols that usually gather the people. It shows that Jesus came to serve and not to be served.

5. The Cross

The presentation of the Cross happens on Good Friday. It is a time for the people to express gratitude to what the Son of God did to save the world.

6. Fire

The Easter Vigil which happens on the eve of the Black Saturday starts from the lighting of the Easter Candle outside the church. It symbolizes the light that Christ brings to us.

7. Easter Candle

The Easter Candle shine in the seven-week celebration of the Lenten season. Based on the article, churchgoers enter the church following it proclaiming “Light of Christ”.

8. Baptismal Water

The Baptismal Water is a symbolism of the renewal of our baptismal vows, a time when we received Jesus Christ.


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