Eddie Garcia’s Partner Lilibeth Reveals His Gestures Before Leaving their House


Partner of Eddie Garcia Talks About His Gestures Before the Actor Left Their House

EDDIE GARCIA – Veteran actor Eddie Garcia’s long-time partner, Lilibeth Romero, revealed his gestures before he left their house for the taping.

One of the recent heartbreaking incidents that have transpired lately is the accident involving Eddie Garcia. It happened on the set of Rosang Agimat that was held in Tondo on Saturday, June 8.

More commonly known as Tito Eddie, the veteran actor was being taped for his comeback project with the GMA-7 network when he seemingly tripped on a cable wire. He fell to the ground and was rushed to the hospital.

Eddie Garcia was left the incident in a very critical condition. He fell in state of comatose and has not regained his consciousness as of this writing. Prayers for him and his family are being offered by a lot of people to which his family is grateful for.

Eddie Garcia
Photo Courtesy of Inquirer

Recently, Lilibeth Romero, partner of Eddie Garcia for 33 years now, spoke regarding the incident and revealed his gestures before he left their house on that day when the accident happened.

Speaking to The Philippine Star’s Ricky Lo, Lilibeth revealed that Tito Eddie woke up early on that day for the taping. According to her, the veteran actor was never late on the set and he always comes prepared. He asked their maid to wake him up at 4:00 am.

“At the breakfast table, I even kidded him, ‘Uy, you will be the first to arrive on the set again ha’. He was never late, always the first to arrive on the set, always prepared,” she said.

Eddie Garcia, Lilibeth Romero
Photo: Ver Paulino/Philstar

Based on the report, Eddie Garcia’s partner shared that the veteran actor had banana and cereals for breakfast on that day. When asked if there was any premonition, Lilibeth answered on the negative.

“Nothing unusual the night before and the morning of that day… As he used to, he was smiling when he bade me goodbye,” she shared.

Lilibeth also shared that she checked on Eddie on the set. She called his bodyguard and driver and they assured her that the tent got an air-conditioning unit. She is not blaming anyone but she believes that the accident could have been prevented.

At the hospital, according to her, she keeps on whispering to Eddie and she does not mind if there is no response “even with a slight movement of his fingers”.

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