Additional Tax On Junk Foods Gained Support

Imposing Additional Tax On Junk Foods Gained Support

Urban Council agrees to the proposal of incoming Finance Secretary Sonny Dominguez on imposing a tax to “junk foods” to protect the health of the students not only in this city but for the whole country.

Relating to this, the local education committee promotes on education to ban the selling of this type of food in the area near the school.

junk foods

“I am in favor of the proposal to impose a tax on junk food,” stated by Councilor Rachel Zozobrado relating to the proposal of Dominguez.

“This way, the said items will be more expensive and slowly eradicate the cravings of its consumers,” added by Zozobrado.

In the report published by, Zozobrado believes that there are no nutrients the students can get from junk foods.

Meanwhile, Education Committee Chairperson Maria Belen Acosta is hoping for the formal endorsement of national government for the imposition of additional taxes on junk food items.

“Taxes on food items that cause obesity and disease are in our sights. If a product causes health issues, I think people should be discouraged from using it,” Dominguez mentioned on such issue.

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