Back-Up Police Station in Bacolod City Violates Its Own Laws During Rush Hour

One of the primary responsibilities of the police is to enforce the law and set a good example for the citizens. However, recently, an incident in Bacolod City has left a negative impression, where a backup police station parked their patrol car at the corner of an intersection during rush hour.

Bacolod Police Mobile

This incident immediately raised concerns and questions among motorists passing through that road. Despite their strict law enforcement duties, it seems that the law enforcement officers are not adhering to the regulations they are supposed to uphold.

During rush hour, traffic in Bacolod City becomes a complex problem, causing inconvenience to many people. The parking of a patrol car from the backup police station at a main road intersection has become another cause of confusion and inconvenience for motorists. This demonstrates a lack of concern and responsibility towards the citizens.

Bacolod Police Mobile

Another issue is the lack of clear information regarding how long the patrol car was parked there. Because of this, some may wonder if it was a brief stop or if it had been there for an extended period.

In a Facebook post, a concerned netizen expressed their thoughts on the incident and called for the police to set a good example. They pointed out that it is not right for the police to lead in violating the law, and they also mentioned that in front of the police headquarters near the Bacolod Traffic Authority Office (BTAO), double parking violations allegedly go unpunished, which is also a significant cause of traffic congestion in the city.

Bacolod Police Mobile

Overall, it is crucial for citizens and law enforcement officers to work together to maintain order and safety on the roads. The police should serve as examples by following regulations and being responsible in their law enforcement duties. This incident in Bacolod City serves as a reminder to everyone that law enforcement officers have a deep responsibility to safeguard the order and safety of all citizens.

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