Bacolod Chicken Inasal Festival 2024

Bacolod City, renowned for its culinary delights, officially inaugurated the 2024 Chicken Inasal Festival yesterday, May 24, at the North Capitol Road and three other vibrant venues. This year’s festival, themed “Inasal Global,” aims to introduce the city’s iconic chicken inasal, a delectable charcoal-grilled chicken dish, to a global audience.

The three-day festival, running from May 24 to 26, is designed to boost economic opportunities and tourism in Bacolod. Mayor Alfredo Abelardo Benitez highlighted the festival’s role in celebrating Bacolod’s rich culinary heritage while also promoting tourism and economic growth. “We invite you to indulge in our savory celebration,” Mayor Benitez enthused, emphasizing the global outreach and local pride encapsulated in the theme “Inasal Global.”

Councilor Jason Villarosa, chairman of the city council’s committee on tourism, echoed these sentiments. He underscored the festival’s potential to invigorate the local economy, particularly benefiting microenterprises in the food sector. Villarosa also mentioned the strategic importance of modernizing the famous Manokan Country, a popular row of grilled chicken restaurants in the Reclamation Area, to enhance its appeal as a major tourist destination.

The festival features a variety of events designed to showcase the versatility and cultural significance of chicken inasal. One of the highlights of the opening day was the Inasal Culinary Battle at SM City Bacolod. Aspiring chefs and cooks competed to create the best chicken inasal, presenting both classic recipes and innovative variations with a global twist. This culinary showdown not only celebrated local talent but also pushed the boundaries of traditional inasal cuisine.

Today, May 25, the Bacolod Chicken Inasal Awards will take place at 7:00 p.m. in SM City Bacolod’s Main Atrium, honoring the best inasal chefs and establishments. Earlier in the afternoon, the Barangay Chicken Inasal Cook-Off at Ayala Malls Capitol Central will bring together local cooks from various barangays, showcasing their unique takes on the beloved dish.

Additionally, the festival embraces the performing arts with the Chicken Inasal open-style dance competition at Megaworld’s The Upper East. This venue will also host the arena dance competition and the grand closing ceremony on Sunday, marking the culmination of the festival’s lively celebrations.

The Bacolod Chicken Inasal Festival 2024 not only spotlights the city’s culinary excellence but also fosters a sense of community and pride among its residents. By embracing the theme “Inasal Global,” Bacolod is poised to share its beloved chicken inasal with the world, inviting everyone to savor the flavors and spirit of this vibrant city.

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