Barefoot Student Runners Of Balasan Receive Shoes From Bong Go

Twenty-four barefoot student runners of Balasan, Iloilo received rubber shoes from Senator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go last Tuesday, December 17.

Barefoot Student Runners
Photo from the Philippine Information Agency 6

Senator Bong Go sent rubber shoes to 24 barefoot student runners after he knew that the team was declared as over-all champion in the Iloilo Schools Sports Council Meet 2019. Despite running barefoot, the team garnered 14 gold medals in total, with eight gold medals for girls and six gold medals for boys.

Rodel Montebon from the Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas represented Senator Bong Go during the turnover of rubber shoes at Balasan Central Elementary School in Iloilo. The distribution of rubber shoes to the athletes was witnessed by municipal officials headed by Mayor Manuel Ganzon.

The feet of the athletes were wrapped with bandages while competing in the middle-distance race. This drill, according to Benedicto Prasas, started in 2006 and the bandages were not removed until the competition was concluded.

The children are very grateful to Senator Bong Go for helping these small Filipino athletes realize their dream to run with spike shoes on,” Benedicto Prasas said.

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