Big Hit Entertainment: ‘We Have Nothing To Say Except That It Is Not True’

Big Hit Entertainment denied the JTBC’s December 9 Newsroom report about BTS making legal actions against the said agency.

Big Hit
Photo from soompi

We have nothing to say except that it is not true,” Big Hit Entertainment said in a statement.

Last Monday, December 9, JTBC reported that a K-pop group BTS recently met with a law firm in order to look into legal actions against their agency with regards to profit distribution. The said law firm checked and reviewed the details of the case.

The lawyer cited in the report said that the checking of interest is one of the standard practices among law firms in order to ensure that they are not representing both parties. The law firm said that they were not able to confirm the report of JTBC.

At that time, Big Hit stressed that it would spare no investment and support by setting up a dedicated team of about 100 people. However, according to BTS officials, there was a conflict between the two sides over the issue of profit settlement ahead of last year’s contract,” JTBC claimed in their report, which denied by the agency.

In 2019, the agency recorded an estimated profit of over 200 billion won (equivalent to PHP 8.5 billion), and that would be their highest profit recorded since its foundation.

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