Bongbong Marcos Shares Why Bimby and Josh Aquino Visited the First Lady

On Tuesday, July 9, Kris Aquino’s sons, Bimby and Josh Aquino, paid a visit to First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos at her office. The meeting garnered significant attention as the Aquino and Marcos families have historically been political rivals in the Philippines. First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos shared photos of the visit on social media, expressing her appreciation for the boys’ visit and the box of “pasalubong” (gifts) they brought.

Bimby Josh Aquino at OVP

The following day, President Bongbong Marcos addressed the media regarding the visit. He clarified that the purpose of Bimby and Josh’s visit was to thank the First Lady for her assistance with their travel arrangements. “The reason they visited the First Lady is simple. I think it was Kris Aquino who needed some assistance for something,” he said. “It was just to help them with their travel arrangements. The First Lady helped, and they wanted to express their gratitude.”

President Marcos described the visit as a positive gesture from the Aquino family, emphasizing the human interaction and personal connection between their families. “I think it’s a very fine gesture on the part of the Aquino family. It sort of put a little more personal, a human interaction between our families,” he expressed.

He further revealed an often-overlooked detail about the familial ties between the two families. Liza Araneta-Marcos, the First Lady, is related to the Aquinos. “But what the reports did not say is that Liza is their aunt. Her aunt married Don Pepe, the eldest brother of Cory Aquino. So, they are related,” Marcos explained. “That’s why it’s not surprising; she knows her nephews very well.”

The President also noted the significance of such familial interactions amidst the political backdrop. “So they came, and when they traveled back, they brought gifts,” he added.

The meeting between Bimby and Josh Aquino with First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos, and the subsequent comments from President Marcos, highlight a moment of cordiality and personal connection between the historically rival families. This event underscores the complex interplay of personal relationships and political dynamics in the Philippines.

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