CA Directs Ombudsman to Address De Lima’s 2018 Complaints Against Former SOJs Aguirre and Guevarra

In an immediate move, the Court of Appeals (CA) has directed the Ombudsman to take action on the administrative complaints filed by Senator Leila De Lima against former Secretaries of Justice Vitaliano Aguirre II and Menardo Guevarra in 2018. These complaints are related to the use of prisoners as witnesses in drug cases against her.

Leila De Lima Case

In this decision, the CA asserted that the two national statements attempting to dismiss De Lima’s complaints were “void for lack of due process.” The court declared that the process conducted before the decision to reject her complaint was insufficient. As a result, the court ordered the Ombudsman to promptly address the said complaints to ensure proper implementation of the law and achieve justice.

The complaints filed by Senator De Lima in 2018 are connected to the alleged use of prisoners as witnesses in illegal drug cases against her. De Lima considers this a clear violation of the law and merely a move by former officials of the Department of Justice to suppress her critics.

Leila De Lima Case

Throughout her tenure as a senator, De Lima has been a prominent critic of the government, particularly President Rodrigo Duterte, and her campaign against alleged human rights violations. Her allegations and legal actions demonstrate her ongoing fight for her rights and to defend her name from accusations.

The CA’s order to promptly address De Lima’s complaints opens the door for a thorough examination of the allegations she made against the two former Secretaries of Justice. This is a significant phase in the legal battle of De Lima, providing opportunities for trial and the disclosure of details of the events in 2018.

Leila De Lima Case

Overall, the CA’s decision establishes a solid foundation for a fair and just examination of Senator Leila De Lima’s complaints. It is a victory for her camp and supporters of justice and human rights, restoring confidence in the justice system as a primary institution for law enforcement in the country.

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