China Responds to Sen. Marcos’ Missile Attack Claim

In response to Philippine Senator Imee Marcos’ claim that China is planning to use hypersonic missiles against the Philippines, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning firmly denied any such intentions. During a press briefing on Thursday, Mao emphasized that China does not threaten any nation and reiterated the country’s commitment to peaceful development and a defensive national defense policy.

Imee Marcos

Mao stated, “I’m not sure what the Philippine side’s source was, but I can tell you that China is committed to peaceful development and a national defense policy that is defensive in nature, and China does not pose a threat to any country.” She added that while China remains committed to peace, it will not hesitate to defend its legitimate rights and interests if they are violated or threatened. “We will certainly not sit by and watch when our legitimate rights and interests and regional peace and stability are being violated or under threat,” she added.

The spokesperson also called on the Philippines to consider its people’s concerns and interests, urging the nation to maintain independence, foster good-neighborly relations, and respect other countries’ security concerns to ensure regional peace and stability. Mao’s comments come amid heightened tensions in the West Philippine Sea and increasing military cooperation between the Philippines and the United States through the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA).

Senator Imee Marcos had earlier issued a warning that 25 areas in the Philippines could be potential targets for Chinese hypersonic missile attacks. She attributed this threat to the country’s growing number of EDCA sites and the escalating tensions in the West Philippine Sea. Among the areas mentioned by Marcos were the Ilocos region, Batanes, and Subic in Zambales, highlighting their strategic importance and recent military activities.

Marcos expressed concerns about the presence of BrahMos missiles in Batanes and Subic, as well as the frequent live-fire exercises conducted in the Ilocos region. “Nakatakda na yung 25 na target nila, kitang kita na. Kasi sa pagbabasa natin may mga BrahMos missile na sa Batanes pati sa Subic, so yung dalawang yun ang uunahin kasama ang Ilocos kasi may mga live fire na Balikatan. Nakakatakot nga eh, 25 ha. Hindi biro yun,” she said.

The senator’s statements have added to the growing unease in the region, which has seen a series of confrontations between Chinese and Philippine vessels in disputed waters. Mao’s reassurance of China’s defensive posture aims to alleviate fears and underscore Beijing’s commitment to maintaining regional stability. However, the situation remains tense as both nations navigate their complex relationship amid broader geopolitical dynamics.

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