Cielo Magno Explains “Bakit Gusto Nila ang Confidential Funds”

In recent weeks, scrutiny and debate about the removal of Cielo Magno as Undersecretary in the Department of Finance could not be avoided. This event has sparked significant controversy and questions from the public.

Cielo Magno

One of the main reasons for her departure from the position was her known support for President Bong Bong Marcos’ former staunch opponent. Her affiliation with the opposition became the center of attention, causing concerns in some sectors of society.

According to reports, another reason for her departure was her Facebook post inquiring about President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.’s policy to set a price ceiling on certain rice products amid the ongoing rise in the prices of essential Filipino food. This post generated concern and debate on social media and various platforms.

Cielo Magno Graft

The government is currently facing intense scrutiny from citizens regarding the continuous increase in the prices of commodities. Neri Miranda’s post about the 1000 pesos weekly meal plan also stirred controversy, leading various individuals to attempt the 1000 pesos Weekly Budget Challenge. The issue of rising prices continues to be a significant concern in the country.


It’s also important to mention Cielo Magno’s unique educational background and experience. Despite the controversy, she is an expert in economics and its study. After her resignation, she returned to teaching at the University of the Philippines School of Economics, where she contributed to education and knowledge dissemination.

In the face of controversies surrounding confidential funds, where many express concern due to the substantial funds involved, Cielo Magno once again addressed these matters in her social media post.

Discussions about these confidential funds are still ongoing, with the topic trending on Twitter and making headlines.

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