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Erwin Tulfo Slams Kiko Pangilinan For Complaining Against Boracay Closure

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Erwin Tulfo slams the complaint of Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan regarding the closure of Boracay this coming April 26.

Veteran journalist Erwin Tulfo slams Senator Francis ‘Kiko’ Pangilinan for complaining against the impending closure of Boracay.

On his official Facebook Page, Tulfo posted a video in which he directly contradicts the opinion of the lawmaker to postpone the said closure of the famous summer destination.

Erwin Tulfo / Sen. Francis 'Kiko' Pangilinan
(screen shot from Erwin Tulfo Facebook Page)

He also stressed out the point that President Rodrigo Duterte wanted to close it on April 26 is because April 27 is scheduled to be the first day of “La Boracay Weekend” and that will end until May 1.

Tulfo explained that based on reports from Local Government Units (LGUs), drug enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies, the population of tourists going to the island explodes.

In line with that, Erwin Tulfo said that during that time, illegal drugs are rampant as well as sex and garbage scatters all over the island.

He iterated that due to those reasons, the Chief Executive of the Philippines decided to close it on the aforementioned date.

The veteran journalist also tackled the question of the Senator of why it should be done during the summer when it is the time that the business in the island is more alive.

(file photo)

Tulfo stressed out that how can the rehabilitation and construction in the island be done if it is already raining.

Aside from Pangilinan’s complaints about the Boracay closure, Erwin Tulfo also lambasted the lawmaker for the law he authored, the “juvenile justice system law”.

He also called out to other Senators who are also complaining against the closure of Boracay.

Tulfo said that they should use their common sense in order to understand the decision of the President regarding the matter.

With this, several netizens agreed on the point of the veteran journalist.




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