Fishermen in Libertad Antique Caught a Giant Trevally Weighing About 1.6 Tons

The fishermen of Libertad, Antique, achieved remarkable success after capturing a Giant Trevally (locally known as “Mamsa”) from the waters of Antique, weighing a staggering 1.6 tons. This catch is a testament to the richness of the province’s oceans.

giant trevally

Antique is a province in the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. Its capital is San Jose de Buenavista, the most populous town in the province. The province is situated in the western part of the island of Panay and shares borders with Aklan, Capiz, and Iloilo to the east while facing the Sulu Sea to the west.

Due to Antique’s proximity to popular destinations like Boracay Beach in Aklan and Capiz, known as the “Seafoods Capital of the Philippines,” it boasts a wealth of beautiful and delicious seafood offerings. As a result, locals and tourists from distant places often visit Antique to indulge in the delectable seafood offerings the province has to offer.

Province of Antique

The island of Panay, where Antique is located, has become a hub for the fishing industry, particularly in Iloilo, where large fish are frequently caught near the Iloilo River due to its cleanliness and lack of pollution.

In recent days, the unexpected bounty of the sea was showcased to everyone when photos of the 1.6-ton giant trevally, or “Mamsa,” caught by fishermen in Libertad, Antique, were posted. It was considered a gift from the ocean, an event that brought lasting joy to the fishermen. It is undeniable that the ocean is teeming with riches, and it should be cared for, with efforts to prevent pollution, to preserve these blessings.

giant trevally

With the abundance of seafood in Antique and other parts of Panay, fishermen are sure to earn significant profits from their catches, given the rarity and high market prices of these fish. This success serves as a reminder that it is crucial to protect our environment and marine resources to ensure that we can pass on these blessings to future generations.

Giant Trevally

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