Former President Rodrigo Duterte Summoned for December Inquiry on Complaint by Rep. France Castro

On November 15, a government prosecutor in Quezon City issued a subpoena for former President Rodrigo Duterte to attend an investigation scheduled at the Quezon City Prosecution Office. According to the statement, the former president is expected to participate in the inquiry on December 4 and 11 and is required to submit his counter-affidavit regarding the grave threats complaint filed by Representative France Castro.

Duterte VS Castro

This marks the first time a subpoena has been issued against Duterte since he stepped down from the position of president. The case stems from a complaint filed by Rep. France Castro regarding alleged serious threats made by Duterte.

In the issued subpoena, Duterte is informed of his obligation to attend the investigation and submit his defense through a counter-affidavit. His participation in the said inquiry is crucial to resolving the case filed against him.

Duterte VS Castro

Rep. France Castro’s grave threats complaint paved the way for this investigation. While it has stirred significant turmoil and interest among the public, it also opens the door for an examination of Duterte’s actions during his presidency. The issuance of the subpoena demonstrates the continued adherence to legal processes even after an official’s term has ended.

Upon receiving the subpoena, it is expected that Duterte will comply with legal guidelines and provide the necessary documents and evidence for his defense. The upcoming days will be critical for the former president, and the events in the ongoing investigation may have profound implications not only on his personal life but also on the country’s politics.

Castro case vs Duterte

Despite this development, it serves as a reminder that everyone is equal before the law, regardless of their previous high-ranking positions. The subpoena for Duterte underscores the ongoing respect for legal processes and reinforces the principle of accountability in society.

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