Google, Apple Shows Preview Of How Contact Tracing Apps Will Work

Google and Apple Presented An Initial Preview Of How COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps Will Work

Google and Apple shared an initial preview of how their COVID-19 contact tracing apps will function as these apps were expected to roll out later this month.

Google-Apple COVID-19 Contact Tracing App
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Previously, Google privately released a beta version of the COVID-19 contact tracing app on Google Play services as this would help stimulate the development process.

COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

The said app would emphasize how random generated IDs “won’t identify you to other users” and would prompt its users to turn on alerts.

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After completing the setup, users will notice a three-tab layout — labeled as “Exposures” — as this would generate a list of possible dates you have been in contact with a person who got infected with the coronavirus disease. After this, the national/local health agency would advise its users to “proceed on the “Next steps” such as seeking treatment or going into self-isolation.

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After this, the “Notify Others” tab will pop out and it would let its users to “Share your positive test result” as the verification process would vary from locality-to-locality.

Photo: 9to5Google

Though it would depend on the public health authorities to develop these apps, Apple and Google released a sample app code in order to assist in the development of these apps.

This is a developing story. More updates about this may be posted soon.

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