Grade 9 Student Dies After Choking on a Pen Cap

A Grade 9 student passes away after choking on a pen cap

CHOKING – A grade 9 student from Bunawan, Agusan del Sur died after allegedly choking on a pen cap.

The incident took place on Tuesday morning, September 12, while the student alias “Ron,” was in class. According to the child’s uncle, John Walter Lara, Ron accidentally swallowed the cap of the pen he was playing with. “Parang kinagat niya yung takip kasi hindi na sumusulat ang ballpen. Parang sinipsip niya yung ballpen kasi may mga tinta na sa kanyang kamay,” Lara explained to ABS-CBN News.

Ron was rushed to a hospital in Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, as he had difficulty breathing. He was later transferred to a hospital in Tagum City, Davao del Norte, and subsequently to the Southern Philippines Medical Center in Davao City.

The following day, September 13, the child passed away in the hospital due to acute respiratory failure, as indicated on the death certificate. “Hindi na siya naoperahan. Nilagyan lang ng tubo ang bata. Request sana namin ang immediate operation, pero namatay na ito kinabukasan,” added the child’s uncle.

Ron’s remains were brought back to the family’s home in the town of Bunawan. The family is also appealing for financial assistance to cover the child’s outstanding hospital bill. Those who wish to provide assistance can send it through GCash to Lara at 0906 3818 762.

Meanwhile, when someone is choking, it’s crucial to act quickly. Encourage them to cough forcefully if they can, as it may help dislodge the object. If they can’t cough or breathe, perform the Heimlich maneuver (abdominal thrusts).

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Stand behind the person, wrap your arms around their waist, make a fist with one hand, place it above their navel, and use the other hand to assist in thrusting upward and inward. Continue until the object is dislodged or until professional help arrives. If the person loses consciousness, begin CPR. Always call 911 or seek immediate medical attention for severe choking cases.

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