Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Donald Trump to send troops to the Middle East in response to Alleged Iranian Attack

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Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said last Friday, September 20, that the United States will send troops to the Middle East in response to an attack last Saturday, September 14 on Saudi Arabian oil facilities.

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Photo from Amr Nabil / AP

The purpose of deploying additional troops in response to the said area is to strengthen air and missile defenses around Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

Esper told to the reporters that US President Donald Trump has approved the deployment of U.S. forces for which it will be defensive in nature and primarily focused on air and missile defense. “The United States does not seek conflict with Iran,” Esper added.

Esper then offered fewer details about how many service members would be deployed to the Middle East. He also said that the requests had been made by Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates.

General Joseph Dunford called the deployment moderate but offered no specific details on the number of troops to deploy on the said area.

“I think the strong person’s approach and the thing that does show strength would be showing a little bit of restraint,” US President Donald Trump told the reporters.

The announcement appears to signal that President Trump has not yet decided whether to order a military strike against Iran.

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