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Isko Moreno Running For VP? – Mayor Isko Finally Answers Issue

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Isko Moreno Answers Issues That He’s Running For VP In 2020

ISKO FOR VP – Mayor Isko Moreno on Wednesday answers the issues saying he’s running for Vice President in the next election.

During his term, Mayor Isko has become known for his decisive actions toward the development of Manila. As such, residents and even people outside of his city lauded him for his work. Then, eventually, as more people see how effective Isko was at leading Manila, many urged him to run for Vice President.

However, Mayor Isko Moreno himself said that he doesn’t plan to run for a high seat in the 2022 elections. According to an article from Inquirer, the Manila Mayor said:

Wala. I have to be honest. Wala naman. In fairness to those people aspiring to be the president of the country. Wala namang nag-a-abiso sa akin.

Isko Moreno Running For VP? – Mayor Isko Finally Answers Issue
Image from: Manila Times

Instead, Mayor Isko said he’s still focused on Manila’s COVID-19 response. Currently, Manila has recorded over 9,000 coronavirus cases. To address the rising cases of COVID-19, Mayor Isko announced a P100,000 reward for villages with no cases of COVID-19 for two months.

As per the article, Isko added:

There is no point to survey about politics today. One, two years pa ang election. Two, there is pandemic, kaya more than anything else, more than the sand, whatever they are doing there, there are people dying here.

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