Isko Moreno Update On Hazard Pay For Government Employees

Isko Moreno Update On Hazard Pay

ISKO MORENO UPDATE – Manila Mayor Isko Moreno gave an update regarding the hazard pay for government employees of Manila.

Since the start of the COVID-19 spread in the country, the government promised workers such as those in the medical field a hazard pay for their service. However, many have complained of not getting receiving their hazard pay.

Because of this, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno made efforts to ensure that the workers received what was due for them. In a Tweet from his official account, he said:

Malugod kong binabati ang ating mga Manila City Government employees na ngayo’y nakatanggap na ng Hazard Pay. Bagamat ito ay pangkalahatan na direktiba mula sa national government, tayo po ay nagpasa ng batas upang masiguro ang pagbibigay nito sa ating mga empleyado.

Isko Moreno Update On Hazard Pay For Government Employees
Image from: Manila Bulletin

In a follow-up Tweet, he said that he was happy for the workers who received their dues.

Masaya po ako para sa inyo, nakamit na ninyo ‘yung kaunting pribilehiyo na ipinagkaloob sa inyo ng Pamahalaang Lungsod ng Maynila.

Because of this, Mayor Isko was yet again lauded for his efforts toward ensuring that policies are being followed through. Isko is among the few politicians who netizens supported due to their quick responses amid the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines.

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