Jay Sonza Says Congress “Ginawang “T*nga” by ABS-CBN, TV5

Congress “Ginawang “T*nga” by ABS-CBN, TV5 Networks, Jay Sonza Claims

Veteran journalist Jay Sonza claimed that the congress of the Philippines “ginawang t*nga” by network giants ABS-CBN and TV5.

Jay Sonza, a former Kapamilya broadcaster, disagrees with the partnership between ABS-CBN and the TV5 network. Sonza responded to a quote card from Gamaliel Cordoba, commissioner of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC).

Jay Sonza ABS-CBN TV5

According to Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba, a franchise grantee should avoid working with a business that is still liable to the government. According to him, ABS-CBN was unable to obtain their own franchise, therefore they will instead be traveling with the TV5 franchise.

“Hindi po sila (ABS-CBN) makakuha ng sariling prangkisa, so ang ginagawa po nila is sasakay po sila dito sa prangkisa ng TV5. Pero hanggang ngayon po ay bitbit po nila ang kanilang mga violations kahit dati pa po iyon,” said Cordoba in a quote which reacted by Sonza.

“Dapat po ang franchise grantee ay hindi po makikipag-enter ng commercial arrangement sa isang entity may mga obligasyon po sa national and local government,” it added.

In another post, he attacked the Congress for making TV5, ABS-CBN, and other media outlets “dumb.” Sonza said in his post that ABS-CBN and TV5 had deceived Congress and the NTC over their partnership agreement.

He claimed that since ABS-CBN wasn’t granted a new broadcast franchise when it requested for renewal, the arrangement was made to break the law. Sonza further maintains that ABS-CBN breached the terms of its franchise, which led the House of Representatives to deny the renewal of that license.

But over the course of the hearing, which lasted more than a week, representatives from a number of governmental bodies affirmed that ABS-CBN had not broken any franchise rules. During the hearing, the BIR stated that ABS-CBN has been paying taxes on time and is not in arrears.

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