Joma Sison Positive in Ending Exile Under Duterte Admin.

Communist Party founder Hopeful under Duterte Admin.

Hope under Duterte Admin. After nearly three decades in exile, Philippine communist rebel leader Jose Maria Sison has expressed hopes under the new presidency of Rodrigo Duterte.

When peace talks failed in 1987, Sison fled to Europe and has stayed abroad while one of Asia’s longest-running insurgencies became a threat to the nation claiming thousands of lives.

The Netherlands-based Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder has said he will return to the Philippines if Duterte fulfills his promise to visit him.

Earlier, Duterte himself confirmed an online meeting with Sison before the election day.

In his Facebook page, Sison sad that the “prospects for peace talks seem to be bright at the moment” referring that Duterte is far leading in the presidential polls leaving opponents to concede defeat.

It was in December 1968 when Sison established the party and eventually launched a guerilla campaign three months later.

Based on the records, at least 30, 000 people were dead because of the rebellion.

According to the military, the New People’s Army is believed to have fewer than 4, 000 soldiers, down from a peak of 26, 000 in the 1980s however retained support among deeply poor areas in the country.

In 2013, President Benigno Aquino III shelved the peace talks for insincerity in efforts to achieve a political settlement.

Should Duterte order the release of some jailed revels and restart peace negotiations, Sison also hoped Duterte should also ensure his personal safety in her return.

Watch Sison talks about former student, Duterte.

He earlier hinted that there will be ceasefire if Duterte wins.

Earlier, Duterte’s spokesperson said that the new president would consider communist figures for his cabinet.

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