Manila Mayor Honey, Ex-Mayor Moreno Sued Over NCAP Anomaly

Ombudsman Files Case vs Manila Mayor Honey, Ex-Mayor Moreno for NCAP Anomaly

Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna and Ex-Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso face raps over alleged anomaly on No Contact Apprehension Policy (NCAP) in the city.

Regarding an apparent irregularity in the No NCAP’s implementation in the city, various complaints were made to the Ombudsman against Lacuna and Moreno. The two were accused of theft, corruption, and violating the data privacy statute.

Manila Mayor NCAP

Based on the lawyer’s complaint, Alexander Lopez, because the private corporation makes more money than the local government, the deployment of NCAP in Manila is unlawful. Lopez claimed that Mayor Lacuna had turned the NCAP into a “corruption scheme masquerading as a genuine law enforcement tool, a money-making machine.”

He said that she had been “plundering” the fines obtained from purported traffic infractions. Additionally, it is claimed that there are no implementing rules and regulations and that the project did not undergo a public hearing.

According to him, the NCAP’s goals are to reduce traffic in Manila, prevent robbery and extortion, and “unburden” the government from using outdated techniques to enforce traffic laws. Lopez argued that the city should pay back the fines assessed to drivers.

He said that the NCAP system for traffic offenses has already brought in over P50 million since 2020. He added that it is similar to a “trap like a crocodile waiting for food.” Lopez requested that Lacuna be prevented from serving for a period of six months until the outcome of the complaint since her continued employment could harm the case brought against her.

Additionally, he requested that Lacuna’s position as mayor is terminated and that he be permanently barred from entering public office. Recall that the NCAP was subject to a temporary restraining order imposed by the Supreme Court (SC), which set the hearing for that order’s appeal for January 2023. NCAPs are also located in Parañaque City, San Juan, Valenzuela, and Quezon City in addition to Manila.

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