Mayor Honey Urges Businessmen to Give Jobs to Seniors, PWDs

Mayor Honey Encourages Business Owners to Give Jobs for Seniors, PWDs

Manila Mayor Honey Lacuna encourages business owners to create jobs for senior citizens and person with disabilities (PWDs).

This Wednesday, Mayor Lacuna urged all city business owners to develop more jobs for local seniors or PWDs. The mayor made the call following a meeting with representatives of Shakey’s Pizza, which has teamed up with the local administration to support giving such people the chance to work despite their age and infirmity.

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Lacuna congratulated Shakey’s representatives during the conference and urged them to hire more senior persons and those with disabilities. It was discovered that the mayor and the aforementioned restaurant signed a memorandum of understanding in which they stipulated that each of the restaurant’s 10 locations in the city will hire one senior and one person with disabilities.

As may be recalled, Isko Moreno, a former mayor of Manila, started a program that offered work to the physically challenged and old during the pre-pandemic period, but it was discontinued as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lacuna pledged to carry on and enhance this program as the city’s new mayor.

That mayor, a lot of senior citizens are still eager to work, even if only part-time. They are unable to accomplish this, however, due to the employment situation and forced retirement in the nation, so they are compelled to remain at home and care for their grandchildren.

According to Lacuna, if there are more businesses that employ senior persons and people with disabilities, this population will be helped to contribute to society and earn money to meet their requirements. Even if their profits are modest, Lacuna is adamant that this will be a huge assistance in enabling them to purchase necessities like food and medicine.

Lacuna underlined once more that everyone in Manila would like to have equal opportunity. He also hopes that lots of businesses will support their worthwhile cause. The senior persons will only be given light work, and there will be tight measures for their protection, such as getting a cardio-pulmonary clearance before being hired, the mayor further stated.

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