Motorist Slams Transaction at LTO Office in Bocaue Due to Hassle

Motorist Air Dismay to Hassle Transaction at LTO Office in Bocaue

A frustrated motorist airs dismay at the hassle of transactions at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Bocaue, Bulacan.

The Philippine government has established the LTO agency under the Department of Transportation (DOT). The LTO is in charge of all land transportation-related activities in the Philippines, including the issuance of driver’s licenses and the registration of automobiles.

LTO Bocaue Hassle

Meanwhile, a video of disgruntled motorists at the LTO office in Bocaue, Bulacan, has been shared on Facebook by the page VISOR. An LTO employee is seen in the video explaining something to clients who were attempting to complete their transactions.

However, the team made it clear that not everyone could be served by the organization. The LTO employee patiently outlined the agency’s limit policy. He doesn’t want to be reprimanded for breaking the rules.

Customers who cannot be served that day may return the following day. The patiently waiting customers voiced their dissatisfaction with the 12 transactions per day policy.

To get a space for the transaction, some of them even waited for a long time. The video has garnered reactions from the internet community, particularly from drivers, and has gone viral on social media.

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