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Ogie Diaz Wants Cebu Pacific Pilot Sacked Over Fake Story Against Leni

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Ogie Diaz Not Satisfied with the Punishment of Controversial Cebu Pacific Pilot

OGIE DIAZ – The showbiz columnist and talent manager is not satisfied with the punishment of the controversial pilot of Cebu Pacific Airlines.

On Twitter, the talent manager expresses his displeasure with Cebu Pacific Airlines’ treatment of its pilot, named Capt. Van Ranoa. It may be remembered that Ranoa sparked outrage online after making statements about Vice President Leni Robredo.

Ogie Diaz Cebu Pacific

On Facebook, Ranoa was chastised for publishing a tale about Robredo’s claimed request for a priority landing, which caused several flights to be delayed. Cebu Pacific reacted quickly, stating that the pilot in question is undergoing a “disciplinary review.”

However, according to Ogie, the airline company’s response to what their pilot did was insufficient. Ranoa should have been fired permanently from his position as a stern reminder to other Cebu Pacific employees not to distribute false information.

“Yun lang yon? Di ba dapat alisan ng trabaho para maging warning sa ibang empleyado na yung kagaguhan nila ay ikakawala nila ng trabaho. Para nag iingat na next time,” said Ogie in his Twitter post.

The reception to Ogie’s statement has been divided. The airline firm has yet to make an announcement on its future move.

Meanwhile, legendary actor Edu Manzano has expressed his disgust with the airline corporation about the pilot’s sanctions. In a tweet, Manzano stated that he will not fly with the airlines until the pilot who concocted the lie against Robredo is penalized and fired.

People, he adds, also need to know how the pilot is feeling right now. He will never entrust the safety of his family to that pilot.

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