An Open Letter To Duterte From Devout Catholic Went Viral

Open letter to Rodrigo Duterte from a devout Catholic.

An open letter to presumptive president Rodrigo Duterte by a devout Catholic named Raul Roque is now making rounds online. It was posted on his Facebook account earlier this week.


San Roque Cathedral Parish’s secretary wrote an open letter in response to the tough-talking politician’s remarks about Catholic Leaders. Duterte recently called the Catholic Church as the “most hypocrite” institution.

In the open letter, Roque said that he is one of the millions of Catholics who voted Duterte during the elections. According to him, he would have not won the presidency without the votes of Catholic, noting that majority of Filipinos are Aatholic.

He also reminded Duterte that he is the president of all the Filipinos, not just the president of Iglesia Ni Cristo and Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the religious groups who endorsed him during the campaign.

“Now that you have won, please be reminded Mr. President that you are not just the president of Quiboloy and his followers, or of the INC. You are the president of us all … of all the 100 million Filipinos, the majority of whom are Catholics who voted for you. (Truth is, without the Catholic vote you would have not won the presidency!),” he wrote.

Roque asked the president-elect to be a leader who heals. He reminded him that he was called not to be successful, but to be faithful to his ideas and principles as a Christian leader.

Furthermore, he assured that the Catholics will still continue to pray and support his aim to bring a genuine change to the country.

“Tatay Digong, rest assured that we “hypocrite” Catholics are praying for you and will continue to support you in your quest to bring a meaningful change to our beloved nation! PAGPALAIN PO KAYO, TATAY DIGONG!” he added.

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  1. Don’t be so dramatic Mr Roque. You know exactly what Duterte means. Since you claim that many Filipinos are Catholics it would be fair to say that many Philippine Catholics ARE hypocrites. Since the Catholic church is immersed in its society and government, the entire system is corrupt. Prostitution and massage parlors all over. Married couples committing adultery. Government officials stealing and amassing wealth.

    So don’t imply that Catholics are goody-goody two shoes.


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